Miracle Cloth  
Some Of Our Most Frequently Asked Questions
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  Q. How much buffing is required on a surface?  
  A. You can buff a surface to desired shine and luster. This, for the most part, is a matter of personal preference. The more you buff, the greater the shine and ''depth''.  
Q. What does the coconut oil in Miracle Cloth do for a surface?  
A. Besides being non-abrasive, the coconut oil additive protects a finish and adds a ''depth'' to it as well.
  Q. Is Miracle Cloth only for household use or can it be used on commercial and industrial equipment?
  A. Yes. Miracle Cloth is especially good and highly recommended for these purposes.
Q. Do I need to keep Miracle Cloth stored in the inclusive plastic bag when not in use?
  A. Yes. Miracle Cloth will not evaporate. However, it is recommended that it be stored
in its own poly bag which comes with each individual cloth.
  Q. Can Miracle Cloth be washed in the laundry?  
  A. No. Miracle Cloth contains cleaning and polishing agents that will be washed out of the cloth. Miracle Cloth removes all dirt from a surface. You can still clean and polish over dirty spots on the cloth. Dirt and grime neutralize in the cloth. The darker and dirtier the cloth gets, the harder it works.  
  Q. Can Miracle Cloth be used on precision, ferrous and non-ferrous metals?  
A. Yes. Miracle Cloth will clean and polish these surfaces without scratching them. Also removes heat caused '' blueing ''.
Q. Will Miracle Cloth remove oxidation and pitting from aluminum parts?
  A. Yes. Miracle Cloth works especially well on anything aluminum that oxidizes or pits. In fact, Miracle Cloth removes oxidation from any kind of surface and restores it with a clean shine.  
Q. How long will Miracle Cloth last before it dries out ? 
A. Miracle Cloth does not dry out. Unless done so diliberately. Like keeping it out in direct sunlight for days. The package Miracle Cloth comes in has an inclusive plastic bag to store the cloth in when not in use. Store it this way and it will never dry out.