Miracle Cloth
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Here Is What Satisfied Customers
Have To Say About Miracle Cloth
  ''These cloths are awesome. I originally started out with one in my home and
gave it a try. Once I saw the great job that a single cloth does with picking up messes like a
sponge, I opted to buy more. Now they're in almost every room in my home. I like the fact that
they clean up without having to use cleansers with harmful vapors. They are very "Pet Friendly".

Duffy D. Spokane, WA.
''I'm a guitarist in a local band here in the Pittsburgh area. I used Miracle Cloth
on the rosewood neck of my Fender Stratocaster guitar and Miracle Cloth
not only cleans it up real well but preserves the strings and helped
with the instrument's action and playability. Every guitar player should use
Miracle Cloth !! ''

J. Dobbins --Pittsburgh, PA.
''I have chrome, copper and aluminum pots that I used Miracle Cloth on and it took all
the burn and scorch marks off. Excellent job.''

Vera - Portland, Oregon
''I run a janitorial cleaning service and I am using Miracle Cloth in my regular cleaning regimen.
I have done away with most of the liquid cleaning agents I normally use.
I use Miracle Cloth for cleaning stainless steel and regular use on all fixtures and all
my accounts are very pleased. Thank you for such a wonderful product. ''

Alvin C. -- Bakersfield, CA
''I have a 24 foot sailboat and I have to admit my stainless steel bow railing never
looked better after applying Miracle Cloth to it. Harsh salt air conditions can dull a stainless
steel bow rail and Miracle Cloth absolutely restores it's original shine.''

Scott -- West Palm Beach, FL.
''The cymbals on my drum set really shined up nicely when I applied
the Miracle Polishing Cloth them. They were as dull as dull could get
till I shined them up with Miracle Cloth. ''

Ray- Topeka, KS.
''I have a business detailing custom golf carts. I was introduced to Miracle Cloth about a year ago.
I couldn't believe my eyes when it was demonstrated to me. I've replaced a lot of my liquid cleaners
and polishes with the Miracle Cloth and have had nothing but outstanding results and
very satisfied customers. ''

J. Carter -- Rancho Mirage, California
''Miracle Cloth worked wonders on my hard to clean bathroom fixtures. I like it very much.''

Karen - Kingman, AZ
''I used Miracle Cloth to clean all the lime and calcium off my shower's tile. Forget about struggles
with liquid chemical cleaners bought on store shelves. Miracle Cloth added a clean shining depth to my tiles. I love it !!! ''

Brenda M. -- Soiux Falls, South Dakota

''As a motorcycle enthusiast , I was speechless when I used Miracle Cloth. It literally removed
all the burn marks and coloration I had on my exhaust pipes.
I bought a dozen cloths and passed them along to all my friends.''

Robert - Dayton, Ohio
''I'm designer of sterling silver jewelry and sell at flea markets all over
California. I am amazed at how shiney Miracle Cloth makes my
jewelry look. I was so impressed with what Miracle Cloth does I decided
to sell them in my booth to my jewelry customers. And they Love it !!''

Julie -- Ventura, CA.
"I used Miracle Cloth on some brass lamps I have around the house and I was amazed
at how it cleaned and shined them to look like brand new.''

Cynthia M. - Utica, NY.
''I have an expensive set of silverware that was so badly tarnished. That is until I applied
Miracle Cloth to it with little effort and ..WOW!! - it's like a whole new set of silverware. Thank You.''

Christine - Springfield, Missouri