Cleans - Polishes - Protects
So easy to use. In just minutes Miracle Cloth
will restore shine and luster to all metal surfaces
including stainless steel, chrome, brass,
sterling silver, copper, aluminum, gold, bronze,
magnesium, nickel, as well as porcelain, tile,
pewter, enamel and much more !! Great for
deep crevices and intricate patterns and won't
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leave sediment or residue.
Non-abrasive. Non-toxic. Contains real coconut
Follow: oil. Comes in a 6in.x 9in. sheet. Miracle Cloth
never needs to be cleaned or washed. The dirtier
and darker Miracle Cloth gets, the harder
it works.
Whether you are a jeweler, musician, boat owner,
motorcycle rider, auto enthusiast, or any other
endeavor, Miracle Cloth will make you proud !!
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CAA Enterprises
611 South Palm
Canyon Drive  #7-308
Palm Springs, CA.
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Miracle Cloth
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